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 Hard Knocks 37 Calgary June 13th

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PostSubject: Hard Knocks 37 Calgary June 13th   Hard Knocks 37 Calgary June 13th EmptyFri Jun 13, 2014 11:39 am

Hard Knocks 37 Calgary June 13th Hard_Knocks_37_MMA_Poster
Promotion: Hard Knocks Fighting
Venue: Century Casino Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Matt Krayco vs. Peter Arbeau

The first pro fight of the night is a welterweight matchup between Dynamic MMA’s Matt Krayco and Emergent’s Peter Arbeau. Matt “The Kid” Krayco is known for leaving everything in the cage – win, lose, or draw. While he has plenty of submission wins under his belt, his last win came via TKO. His opponent, Peter “Let’s Go” Arbeau, has a background in Muay Thai and will probably look to keep this fight on the feet. This is only his second MMA fight, but he looked great in his last fight, scoring a quick TKO win in the first round. Expect fireworks.

Zach Manywounds vs. Devon Smith

Next up is a match between Zach “The Last Warrior” Manywounds and Devon “Mr. Boomtruck” Smith. Both of these fighters have had their shares of ups and downs and we should look for both of them to come out swinging for the fences. Manywounds is a brutal brawler who will take the fight wherever he feels he has an advantage, but always looks to knock his opponent’s head off. Devon Smith has a Muay Thai background, however, so he probably won’t get sucked into a close-in brawl with his opponent. His methodical striking will provide a good counterpoint to Manywounds constantly-pushing-forward style.

Chad Anheliger vs. Rick Pfeifer

The third pro fight of the night will feature Canuckles MMA’s Chad Anheliger taking on the guy with quite possibly the longest nickname in MMA, Rick “The Ginger with the Intent to Injure” Pfeifer. This bantamweight fight looks like a classic striker vs. grappler matchup on paper, with Anheliger’s wins coming via TKO and Pfeifer’s wins coming via submission. Anheliger has proven susceptible to subs in the past, but then again so has Pfeifer. Regardless, look for Pfeifer to try and take this fight to the mat where he can tie up his opponent and look for a sub from his repertoire. Of course, he’ll have to get past Anheliger’s heavy hands, which is no mean feat.

Anton Tokarchuk vs. RJ Richter

A light heavyweight fight between Dynamic MMA’s Anton Tokarchuk and Excel MMA’s RJ Richter follows, and this will be another bout to see if anyone out there can derail Anton Tokarchuk’s win train. Tokarchuk has been on a tear his entire MMA career, winning every fight and winning them in the very first round. He’s a versatile fighter that’s shown he’s comfortable wherever the fight goes, so his opponent will have his hands full. That opponent is RJ Richter, who seems to favor submissions but has shown the versatility that is becoming more and more common with each new generation of MMA fighters. Just about anything can happen in this fight.

Luis Huete vs. Corey Houston

Next is a featherweight bout that will see Elite Training Centre’s Luis Huete taking on Winnipeg Academy of MMA’s Cory Houston. Both of these fighters have a ton of submission wins on their resumes, so this will probably be the chess match of the night. Huete seems to make no secret of hunting for the rear-naked choke, while Houston’s triangle choke looks unstoppable. Whoever makes the first mistake may very well be tapping out here. This one will definitely be one for jiu jitsu fans to watch.

Ryan Dickson vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons

The main event of the night is a lightweight fight between Jeff Joslin MMA’s Ryan Dickson and Fight Syndicate’s Shawn Fitzsimmons. Both fighters in this bout have plenty of fights under their belts and have submission and TKO wins. They’re also both known for leaving everything in the cage and holding nothing back, so you can see why this fight is headlining the card. They are also both coming into this fight hungry for a win, for sure. Whatever happens, don’t blink.

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Hard Knocks 37 Calgary June 13th
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