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 Pancrase 257

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Rich Davie
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PostSubject: Pancrase 257   Pancrase 257 EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 3:10 pm

Pancrase 257 Pancrase

Pancrase 257

Promotion: Pancrase
Venue: Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Enclosure: Ring


Isao Kobayashi vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka
Main Event | Lightweight | 70 kg (155.0 lbs)

Kiyotaka Shimizu vs. Atsushi Yamamoto
Co-Main Event | Title Fight | Flyweight | 57 kg (125.0 lbs)

Yuki Kondo vs. Masayuki Naruse
Open Weight

Thiago Gonçalves vs. Akihiro Murayama
Welterweight | 77 kg (170.0 lbs)

Eiji Ishikawa vs. Yoichiro Sato
Welterweight | 77 kg (170.0 lbs)

Taichi Nakajima vs. Marcio Cesar
Tournament Finals | Bantamweight | 61 kg (135.0 lbs)

Yoshiaki Takahashi vs. Leandro Silva
Lightweight | 70 kg (155.0 lbs)

Guy DeLumeau vs. Yuki Baba
Featherweight | 66 kg (145.0 lbs)

Junpei Chikano vs. Tomonari Kanomata
Featherweight | 66 kg (145.0 lbs)

Isao Hirose vs. Yusuke Kitago
Flyweight | 57 kg (125.0 lbs)

Shungo Oyama vs. Handong Kong
Middleweight | 84 kg (185.0 lbs)


Juntaro Ushiku vs. Yutaka Shimamura
Featherweight | 66 kg (145.0 lbs)

Hiroshi Ono vs. Shohei Masumizu
Bantamweight | 61 kg (135.0 lbs)

Daisuke Yamaguchi vs. Munetaka Ogawa
Bantamweight | 61 kg (135.0 lbs)

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Pancrase 257
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